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good archive, from a time I know very little about


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Ken Jones

[this is good] Just a note of thanks for naming our old manager from Virgin Records.... I played in the 70's Scotch Mist folk rock band you've mentioned, and have struggled to recall his name for more years I care to remember! The Coventry Cathedral Ruins gig quoted was a pleasure to play at even though the rain did its best to spoil things. Great site by the way. Cheers! Ken

fergie maynard

[esto es genial] Fergie Maynard here. Although I have worked with the great latin percussionist John Rogers when I had my orchestra in Coventry Warwickshire. I did not work with SPLINES so the real drummer should take the credit. These days I would only work for MIRAMAX with Gwyneth Paltrow Albert Finney Mathew Modine or

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