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HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Martin Bowes of the band Attrition and former editor of Cov's Alternative Sounds sent a message on My Space. I've transfered the relvant bits to here. Thanks Martin.

Hi Trev

really nice to hear from you!

been reading your site....really like it...i didnt know anything about your mag or the scene at all in Cov before about 1977!...

will be happy to pass on any info i have if you need it!

glad you like the music!... i still live here in Cov but have little to
do with the scene in terms of playing here... (although i teach music
technology at tile hill college so have a lot to do with the local
scene in that way!)

As for Alternative Sounds - i'll have to write something about it!

just to say though that i had to PAY the lanch to print it! it
wasn't at all free and so apart from a couple of ads i received the
funding all came back from sales...! (got up to 1000 copies at it's
peak early in 1980!)

anyway more sooon!


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