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Had an e mail from Abel in Spain requesting info on a certain Umbrella Magazine with info on the poet Buk -ie Bukowski - if anybody can help (I only have two copies of the mag and they are the wring ones. Seehis email below -

I'm a Spanish student writing the PhD dissertation on Buk's poetry (basically
focusing on his deceptively simple style and how this has been rejected by the
academia, in spite of its value) and I'm also compiling a bibliography on Buk's
periodical appearances. Thing is, an old bibliography says he appeared in
Umbrella magazine v.2 n.7. I've been unable to find that mag -I live in Spain
and you don't find that sort of material in local libraries- and I was wondering
if you could take a quick look at the old Umbrella issues and double-check
whether Buk appears in the Table of Contents of any of the late 50's / early
60's issues.  I would appreciate it, Trevor.


As well as the Ref Library it might be worth enquiring of some of the schools.  A couple of my English teachers were involved in the Umbrella poetry of that time period.

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