So sad to hear of Darell's passing. He was a very strong element in the Co-op that brought about the Hole Gallery, and kept us going whenever we felt like giving up, and added balance to the more outlandish suggestions.
He was off to college before we got things going properly but he did exhibit a series of small globular pieces made from weird looking lumps of plastic that came from the Courtaulds extrusion spinning machines.
I last saw him in London on the day  that the Falklands war was announced. A Strange day. For some reason I had decided to walk into the centre rather than take the tube. On some windswept carriageway I bumped into him, we had both taken the wrong turn when crossing the complicated road.
It was nice to find on chatting that he knew many of the people that worked at London Video Arts  which shared Soho office space with the company I was working with.,
Small World,

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Dave Cooper (Coopz) of Dando Shaft messaged via My Space too - here are some pieces on Darrell Viner -


Thanks for the mail. Some of the early Pilot sunday lunchtimes with
Darrell Viner he sadly left the stage 2001

I think in 1968 he built the first sound activated lighting system
in the UK, before The Floyd or anyone 20.000 Watt. I need to make a
link as Darrells early invovement with ambience was special.



Thanks for the mail. DV lived in the attic flat in the end house in
Barras lane. We had an ajustable lense projector quite powerful. We
were into making our own acid slides oil,bubbles and dyes which we
projected onto the synagogue wall down and opposite. The odd late night
drunk got quite a colourful suprise. He lived in the Dando
house/commune 'The Rest" when we all moved to London in '70, gaining
his place at Chelsea in '71. The rest as they say is his story.


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