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Digger Lesley writes, Its a shame but of the Gnomists currently in communication here , none had anything  to do with this gig.  Them having  done a bunk by then , leaving the rest in the lurch ( No I just joking I dont think anyone noticed)
Except for myself that is . But I was only a joyful attendee, albeit with a bit of  blurred memory. But, Roy and Neol wow! How could I miss it. I would have been at the front. OOPs Goosebumps Oh and I do hope that it wasnt the time that I was so out of it that I insisted on getting onstage and singing!!!!. Or one of the more regular instances of me draping meself around  a band member.
Oh how everyone of these gets the memory juices flowing and the years drop away . I have  Indian Summers myspace playing right now,
Perhaps we could get someone from that side of things into the loop. Its a shame that the few from that time that I bump into from time to time ar a bit iffy about computers and such. But I would love be reminded of what they played. I struggling with the names of the people that we used to visit  in the residential block whenever there was a gig on at Warwick.
The Plough gig was a bit of a weird thing. I think a lot of people were still expecting Wandering John and words were had,. I have always thought it was Ra Ho Tep that did that gig. (was this a bit of Sphincta double dealing? wouldnt surprise me)
I was quite pleased I couldnt dance as I had my ankle strapped up,(another story) and it was probablthat  I was there as reluctant representative,,,,.sympathy factor,,,its taken thirty odd years for the penny to drop ,,duh
I am told Tim James is  going to be about soon perhaps he can .shed some light,,in fact I might just pop to his site now for a lurk on ELF
But keep the memories coming.
ooo feel a bit of  a blab coming on

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