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I went back to Coventry a few years ago for a journalism course. I had been trained as a tour guide in the City so agreed to take a couple of groups around essentially to see the  sites. The people  were more interested in my stories of the music scene and such , even though there was very much to be seen in relation to them. This broke the first rule of guiding,,"Dont talk about anything that isn't there!"
The Culture of the 60s and 70s can be interesting. The more usual facts ,,Chuck Berry recorded in the Library, The Italian Job filmed there, John Lennon planted an acorn, are important;; but its the background of everyday life that people relate to
I think its important that some effort goes into collecting and recording the memories of those whot were there, even though they may not have achieved anything by modern day compatative standards.

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

That's good feedback Gnomes -  Yes the context is important - not just on a superficial level - the clothes and cars (and cars are important to Cov of course) but the different mind-sets - the search for alternative life-styles, concerns for the environment, emergent feminism, the radaclism etc etc against the industrialism and materialsim.  All of which affected the music. Ok some were pure pop - but much of the music  was inflected by the idea that things were changing and it ws possible  to change the world, make a difference, create something which added more depth to a lot of the music. Of course there were contraditions involved and the world went a different direction. But that kind of context would need to be explored and yes some kind or oral voices project might help with that. DISCUSS.....(or add your own threads to the discussion!)

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