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Marc Bolan at the Lanch

On the 19th March 1971 Marc Bolan’s T Rex made their one and only appearance in Coventry in the Student’s Union Sports Hall at the Lanchester Polytechnic (now known as Coventry University). T Rex performed in Coventry just a month after the release of the chart topping single ‘Hot Love’ and, within the space of a year, would be playing sell-out gigs at the Empire Pool (Wembley Arena).

As a student of the Lanch in the the early 1980’s I passed the venue every day on my walk to college but, at the time, did not realise that T Rex had graced the stage of the Union building. Fast forward thirty years, and as a life-long fan of Marc Bolan (I first saw T Rex live when I was in primary school!) and the organiser of the annual Marc Bolan Birmingham Convention, I have been asked to write an article for the programme for the forthcoming 20th Century Boy musical to be performed at the Belgrade Theatre this September.

However, to date I have not been able to find any information about T Rex’s only performance in Coventry. If you went to the concert and would like to share your memories of the gig, or have a ticket stub, poster or photos from the concert then I would love to hear from you. I can be contacted via email michael.a.green@btinternet.com or by phone on 01327 876399.

Trev, I notice you went to the concert. Would you like to share your memories of the gig?

From the site I see that a group called National Head Band were the support group to T Rex. Does anyone know if this was a local band? If so, has anyone got contact details for any of the members of the band?

Kind regards

Michael Green

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