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Messages via My Spce from Neil O Connor - regarding Alex Murphy and Phil Knapper and Wandering John Gravenor.

Hi Trev,

just posted a new photo on vox

It's John and Sue Gravenor's wedding day in 74, I think.

Alex is in the middle and Frank, of the same song is

to his left slightly behind.

Twiz is on the left (might be cut off) and me next.

but John's not in this.

I'll try to find more soon

I find it totally amazing that I can write a song like a letter to a friend, to have news of him and it works.

As to a link up to my album, no prob, I'd be honoured.



Hi Trev,

as you say, it's great to have this global village when

everyone can be so far away physically, sort of tried to say it in "Alex Murphy".

Thanks for the kind words and connections through "Hobo"

and "Vox". Still haven't posted anything yet but I'll maybe do
something on our Finland trip, especially as you've advertised that I
At the time we were very hippy and didn't take a camera, just our guitars and our thumbs so, sorry, no pics.

I may be able to find something, hopefully, from one of my old
mates "Twiz". I think he had all of the old collections from Coventry
and Brighton so he may have a photo of Alex. I'll let you know.
Catch up with you soon, hope it's not too cold, bloody

freezing over here.



See pics on Neil's Vox blog linked here.

Stu Knapper

[this is good] Just want to say thanks for this very moving tribute to my amazingly talented older brother Phil (I am typing this through a waterfall of tears). It has really delighted me hear some of his voice and songs again. Sometimes I think I over cook the egg when I remember how good he was, but your text and musical tribute to him tell it how it was. Thanks again to everyone for this very moving page. I can remember Trev coming around the house a lot when I was younger and of course Alex "Spud" Murphy who I seem to remember around the house from our Phil's school days. I intend to post a blog and will  post some photo's of Phil and add my memories of you all as they come back to me. Thanks again guy's I really thought he been forgotten but thanks to you and your friendship my brothers talent will live on.

Stay Lucky

Stu (Phil's baby brother)

A and R

We really want to get these tracks onto a Retro-cov cd.

Stu Knapper

Guy's you are more than welcome to use any of Phil's music for a retro CD.

Stay Lucky

Stu Knapper

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