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Sue Long

Where are you Graham Wood - I want to say hello and catch up on the last 40 years!

Craig Ward

Thanks for the memories!

Not sure who wrote this but they remember more than I do! We were young, well-intentioned and full of ideas and dreams. We thought we were on the verge of something really big when we signed A Band Called George to Bell Records who were without doubt the biggest singles label at that time. The deal was for 3 singles with an option on an album if any of the singles was successful.

We were SO confident NCB Man would be HUGE. Everyone who heard it thought so. We could have signed with any label. EMI and Rocket both made firm offers, and RAK were about to confirm an offer when we signed to Bell.

The idea was to plough back any of the profits from the single back into establishing our own label which would have been solely for Coventry and Warwickshire acts.

About a week after the NCB Man single was released, I remember getting a phone call from Dick Leahy, MD of Bell Records saying "we've got a hit on our hands". This was based on overwhelming feedback from the disco and club dj's who'd been sent demo copies.

Shortly afterwards, though, the Markham Colliery disaster occurred when a lift broke and the safety devices failed to work, killing 18 miners. It also killed any chance we had of getting the all-important airplay.

The single was re-released a few months later, but the momentum was lost and it disappeared without trace. By this time the band had dissolved and alas, the last two contracted singles were never recorded.

Thanks for all your efforts on this page, I don't know how long its been here, but I've only just found it!

Kind regards and keep up the great work!
Craig Ward

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