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That is beautiful ,MAN!
We honour our heroes
We have put The Is'   Mother Gaia  on to our Myspace profile. Must try and find a way of getting it over here..
Its still a powerful message,as well as a joy to listen to.
Synchronicity rules.


[this is good]

Thank you for the kind tribute to my brother (Al Docker)  & also  the education. Being 12 years younger than Al i obviously didn't recall a lot of what was written about him being only about 7 at the time ... nice one :)

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Message from Dave Lucas of The Is

Did you know that Al arranged a gig for The Is at the Rugby Railway Club
supporting The Darkside? The Darkside were on Creation and had a Spacemen 3
connection, I believe. That's the only time I remember meeting Al's brother
John., That gig was on 13th April 1990. I have a tape of the gig and about 20 or
so other live shows.

Before The Is, Al was in a reggae band in Cornwall called Style And Fashion.
That was a more conventional reggae band with a full horn section. Again, Al
played keys. Kev Barradell (who started off as The Is drummer & then moved
to lead vocals) was the drummer in that band.

I first got involved with Al & Kev musically when they invited me to a
friend's studio to jam on some recordings they were making. This would turn into
The Is. I remember Al telling someone that he asked me to join because I had a
yellow guitar. LOL

Al's keyboard was known to us as The Beast because it was bloody heavy and
somehow Al rarely got involved in lifting it out of or into the van. :)

Please let me know if you need any more info or stories, music, photos etc.
You are welcome to use any anecdotes or quotes or anything in your articles.


Cheers - Dave Lucas (The Is)

(Thanks Dave - yes more  - feel free to post them as comments or if they are longish, I can add them to Al's tribute or create a new post. Gnome are intersted in the lyrics to Gaia to see how they compare to his early song on here Castle Stones (assuming Al wrote Gaia that is!). If you have a lot  - might be good to spread it out more on your Vox (as the Gnomes have suggested once again) - as the our sites are now neighbourhooded! It's all good stuff.


Jim Pryal

[this is good] Fantastic reading. Very sad to read Al has died. I remember many of the people and places mentioned.

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Yes some points missed off the article for Al Docker -

Tsar consisted of Al Docker on Drums (his home was the contact point for the band according to a small feature in Broadgate Gnome. Loz Netto was guitarist. They also had an unamed (and I can't remember now) saxist from Warwick and a female vocalist. They were just starting out when the article was writen as it says "They will play their own mateial which will be "Well who knows!". Even though it states they have a female they nontheless advertise for a "Vocalist with a good PA". A bit confusing but despite seeing them often I have no other documentation and can't remember the full line up - but I do remember they were a great little band and played alongside Fresh Maggots and Ra Ho Tep. Loz Netto may remember the line up.

On another note Bill Jack son of April was also in Runestaff (did I mention that!) on Vocals / acoustic guitar and piano. He also contributed some of the songs - what a great voice Bill had - could sing Sandy Denny's Who Knows Where the Time Goes convincingly - so that can't be bad!

Also when I moved to Shilton with Al - he was heavily into Cat Stevens - Tea for the Tiller Man and Mono Bone Jackon etc c autumn 1971 - if that's of any interst to anyone!



Really good article.

Dennis Burns

My thoughts go to all who knew Al. 

I used to jam with Al at Lyndies cottage in Shilton with Charlie Bullen (from Nuneaton) on guitar, and Ron (I think??? ) on bass. Were were into a sort of Jeff Beck groove at the time :).  Al later moved in with me at Grove Farm House in Burton Hastings (I am sure that name will provoke a few memories...) where after having some very memorable times, we both joined the Divine Light movement for a time... Later Al moved out and I lost touch with him (and his story) until today. A vey nice guy and talented musician... 

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