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[this is good] Beautiful. I must have been born in the same year as you Trev, but we didn't arrive in Coventry until I was about 4/5. We lived on one such estate, Manor House, which was near Bell Green/ Wood End. Our next door neighbour used to work in the fish-market and I remember very well her frying sprats and never really losing the smell of fish. I think that perhaps - like me -  the reason you don't remember Elvis Presley and rock n roll is because we didn't have the pop-culture then that we got a little later. Radio 1, the UK's pop-only station didn't happen until 1967 and so even acts like the Beatles weren't played non-stop. Our mass-media wasn't tuned into youth-culture until the 60s. I'm slowly getting the hang of this and can see that you are more prolific at posting than I. This was a beautiful read and in view of the nostalgia for Cov that characterises some of my posts, it certainly hit the spot. Thanks.

Trev Teasdel - Songwriter

Yes you are right about the radio although they definately played Bill Haley but I didn't have a radio until the sixties (apart from the crystal radio) but that didn't last. Rock stuff was intersperesed with large helpings of brass bands and middle of the road singers as I recall until the pirates blasted that away and radio 1 came along.

As for prolific - I've got the advantage of a preserved archive to upload Mick!


Those of us that lived in Tile Hill had a bit of an advantage..Gauntlett's grocery on Jardine Crescent, had a back room cafe with a juke box and was the nightime rendezvous of bikers and rockers. In the daytime it was a more general clientele . The exposure to the Likes of Elvis, del shannon etc , even Johhny Halllday, plus homegrowns like Tommy Steel and Lonnie Donegan  certainly helped with the conditioning. . Kids were  "parked" in there with a Pepsi while mums shopped. just imagine a room full of  9- 12 year olds practising their jive. By the time we were old enough to go to youth clubs and even junior night at the Locarno (tuesdays ) mots were already quite adept.

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