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Hey, my old friend Rod Felton, we used to go to a lot of parties together, and get right out of our heads. He use to come with me down to Banbury to a place called the Lampet Arms in Tad Martin, and the land lady give us beds for the night.

A lot of week ends we spent down there, because the pub never closed.

sp. I could tell you some stories, but i don't think i should.......Peace...Mojo.

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

[this is good]
Got an e mail from John Silver - of Coventry who now runs the Falcon Hotel in BromYard -

"Early January 1968, or 1969 the dates merge, Rod Felton on the busy stairs at the Umberella Club doing full justice to 'My Name aint Tarzan'. Watching on Roy & Colin Potter, Sylvia Baines and many others including I think Maurice Deacon and Margaret nee? now in Somerset.

Jazz fan then and now following Dud Clews (Mercers Arms), Tieano?(Sp) Bueno(Cottage Earlsdon, Monday) put well off Folk by Ian Cambell gig in Coventry which I found very boring and with Ross Patterson and Ray Fiddler? were thrown out by the heavies for not showing respect.

Interesting times long gone.

Now live in Bromyard www.falconhotelbromyard.co.uk and find there is good Folk music after all having done the best ever Bromyard Folk Festival 2007. Dont think Rod ever got here.

John Silver, Freeman of Coventry."


The only recording of the incredible Grunt Band. Live at The Three Crowns at Barwell. Download the whole collection at www.raremusez.co.ukĀ 

from Coopz

michael scott

[this is good] Memories,memories,of young drunken,but always beautifully enjoyed,times in the Coventry/Nuneaton/Warwickshire area in 1965 to 1978.....so many lovely,sometimes unrepeatable,good times,

love to all involved


[this is good]

Hi Rod,

I just discovered this site via Google.

It is wonderful to see you are still active!

I have been telling my wife about the times I would go to the pub in Earlsdon and hear, even record, your act.

That club was my awakening musically.

I started learning guitar, inspired by you, and the recording I did there started me learning the skills etc of recording music and producing tapes and so on.

Never in Pete's league it is amazing to read here that I rubbed shoulders with him, maybe, one of those Sunday nights?

I just want to add that I respect and admire your work and that I still have those recordings, somewhere.

I need to dig them out to list the artists I recorded but if you remember those you featured, I might have a copy of their early work?

I remember June Tabor at least and have dim recollection of others. All the best Rod, many happy years of music may you enjoy.


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