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Sylvia Kus

[this is good]

We are trying to locate Jamie Lord. Pete Metcalfe my partner used to play the folk circuit with him in the 70's. We would love to get in touch with him now.

diane flynn

[this is good] I am hoping to get in touch with Jamie too. Sylvia do you remember me? The American girl with Jamie in the mid 1970s. I remember your cheesecake and artwork.


If you remember that cheesecake you're in the club Diane. What has become of you and when did you split up with the boy wonder?


Does anybody out there know where the boy wonder is??????????????


[this is good] I spent a half a day searching the internet for boy wonder on behalf of Diane (the American girl). No luck. When and where was the last time you saw him? I think he visited Diane on the west coast at one point. I think he liked it. My searches were targeted to England, so maybe a search on the west coast might yield results? You think?

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