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Captain Podd

[this is good] Help me Have I been  telling Porkies!!!
It completely escaped me that the Floyd did a Cathedral gig for the Diggers. I always thought that had fallen through. I have been telling people it did for years. Its even down in black and white in a couple of interviews  somewhere.
Why did no one tell me?
 It must have been while I was away I was away from Cov a lot  by that time. I know we had them a couple of times, at the Swan and   in Shrewsbury or somewhere around there. But this was earlier before they got too dear Or did they remember not being paid for the previous ones?
But most of us had completely forgotten the first big Uni gig as well!!!.
I just loved the Earlsdon Cottage,  met my husband there ,the first
one. He had been at the Art College with the people that ran it. But
this might have been later.
I think I caught some of your outdoor jams near the cathedral If it was you.  You probably didn't notice you had an audience.. I was the tall one with specs always carrying  sketching  equipment.

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Oops! It may have been when the played at the Lanch Arts Fest then - I can't remember who told me about Floyd going to the Cottage - maybe that was a myth too - but a good one! I think Floyd played on the same bill as Chuck Berry according Pete Chambers at Tiffany's (now Cov library).

Forgive me Kathy but I was thinking Captain Podd was male (on account of the photo!) - or is it the generic title for the Street theatre group?

As for jamming - I don't think I jammed with Andy anywhere but his or miy house but often around 72 / 73 jammed with Johnny Adams and others like Mick Green when the weather was nice. I re-wrote Where do you Go to My Lovely with references to the Lanch Polytech (instead of the Sorbonne) and I think the Cross got a mention in it too. We most likely frightened off all the tourists and even the three spires were driven to seek refuge in the pub!!

Yes the Earlsdon Cottage was an important venue for Folk and Jazz. it had a nice feel.


Captain Podd died around 1836. Many people have pretended to be him ever since
Some were better than others ,, a beard helps. Dave.
ps Dont ask me about gigs..nothing to do with me (except to take the blame).


Wow more people coming out of the woodwork. just had a message from a fellow eco freak.... evidently Andy still researching grass in wales ( well about a year ago)

Jim Pryal

I saw Floyd at The Locarno ballroom in 1972 I think. Chuck Berry did a show while the Floyd punters Q'd outside. When Berry had finished, the Floyd crowd waited while the Berry crowd left the building. The Floyd crowd were let in but had to wait ages while the Floyd gear was put up. They did use the 'flying pig' as I remember.

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Is the 'Flying Pig' a ' pet' name for the Earlsdon Cottage Jim??


[this is good] This is a fantastic piece Trev inasmuch as you've put together words and music that document another aspect of Cov's musical history and the eclectic-combinations of personnel and stylings that formed the basis for these collaborations. Like many, this guy will remain unheard of in terms of music/ recordings etc and has presumably gone on to do other things. I think its fantastic that you've recognised the value of a couple of blokes trying things out
to us readers/ listeners

Jim Pryal

[this is good]

A good article there Trev. Even though we all existed  mostly in our own circles, there was so much more going on.


It was a gig that never happened (officially), The Floyd couldn't really do a gig in the ruins because of weather and lighting. It was really a no hoper from the startt, and released to the press a bit prematurely. Some confusion about the New Cathedral and the Old cathedral,as was often the case.
The Lanch took on the booking.
However there was a sort of tea party/ acoustic set in the Refectory. Much nicer than the Lanch changing rooms
Some of the Cathedral staff, one was known as the Hippy Verger, and the Assistant organist both frequented the Cottage, so its quite likely not a myth at all.
Wasn't there a photo in the Standard?

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