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Martin from Al's band Nic Lightnin (early 80's) would love to hear any news about Al.

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

If anybodys knows where Al Goodwin is now - Martin who used to be in his Covnetry band Nic Lightening would be pleased to hear of / from him. If you have any info - leave comment or message Hobo and we'll pass it on.

Martin gave us a little be bit info about Al's band in the early 80's -
Re: Al Goodwin

Hello again

mentioned that you are able to add more details to my post regarding
information about Al, I was a bit silly not to provide more info at the
time. As there is no edit button, I would be grateful if you could do
that for me.

Al had wrote a couple of rock operas, I think the
first one was a learning process, and I didnt hear too many of the
songs from that, but the latter, we gigged a lot of the songs, it was
about time travel and featured a "Dr W. Downs" who had a "mirrored
sphere" . The band was called Nic Light'nin after another character
from the opera.  Al's vocals were amazing.. people would look up and do
a double take when he started to sing as his voice was spot on and very
powerful.  We were very much the backing for Al, and looking back, I
think the idea of the band was to take the songs out of the folk arena
and into the more contemporary rock audience, which on a very small
scale, we did do around the Coventry bars of 1981/2 . I think we made
some good music and I would be very interested in hearing from anyone
who knows of Al and his music and can enlighten me as to what he got up
to later on, as I moved out of Cov and back up to North Wales and lost


Ah1 , now a bit  of a distant bell rings there. I heard about this and may have even met him. Around that time I was auditioning in Coventry (in an old theatre place, up the road behind the Odeon)  One of the people was called I think Mark?, who was a singer but wanted to move into acting.  ( he actually got the leading role, and after touring with us( a dubious experience)  had his own review slot on a channel 4 music show.) he told me about something very similar and may have been involved in it. More may come to me.

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