Trying to find a coventry band called skinfull or the aids can you help


What period? there was a band called Skinny , but really a westmids super group..the keyboard player married well got famous and sometime shows up on here..only did about three gigs..

Charlotte Thompson

Looking to find any information on a coventry punk band called Homicide during the 1970's and early 1980's

Can any body help?

Colm Graham

I'm looking to find a guitarist named Roy Butterfield. We used to play together in Ireland in 1969 and in Scotland in 1970. Any info would be great.


Hi Colm. I hope you found the bits on here about Roy . I cant remember if it mentions how he was living when last heard about.  My mumused to see him a lot . Every now and again   when passing through Coventry  I go to the woods to see if there is any sign but no joy.
He was very important in the musical history of Coventry. There used to be a saying .."The only band he never joined was the Orchids   and we are not sure about that"
Tom Robinson got him to change his name to Anton Mauve

Owen John was still well  a coupl eof years ago . He moved away from Tile Hill when h elost his mum, to earlsdon.

( I went to junior school with Roy and Lived opposite Owen)

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