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Jim Pryal

[this is good]

Some interesting facts there Trev. Love the picture of Neol with the long hair. In them days, Transits were the favoured mode of transport for bands. Long wheelbase 35cwt with partition for the gear and aircraft seats and side windows behind the driver  were considered 'de rigour' . I remember Asgard had a white bull nose' Perkins deisel Transit of that very spec.  Well there you go ...............


Its a real pity that neither of the other guys who were in the trio that was Asgard can be remembered here (for now at least!) but they were essentially a trio built around Bill's formidable keyboard skills. The picture of Neol above shows him
he grew his hair seriously long ... and big. I've probably mentioned this before but Asgard played one gig in St Ives with Principal Edwards Magic Theatre and another before a huge audience in (I think) Victoria Park with - amongst others- Liverpool Scene. The Warwick Uni gig at which Whistler played was one of a couple, but I remember very well Twink (one of their drummers) smashing some poor student's acoustic up for added dramatic effect.

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Thanks Jim and Mick - the pic of Neol was from Broadgate Gnome 1970/71. I remember the band van - had a lift in it a couple of times with Al Docker. I was at the Warwick gig with I think Loz Netto -the Pink Fairies were too and Loz had a go on their guitars in the dressing room while they filled a condom with water int he loos - it exploded drenching two gentlemen in suits! Wasn't Twink one of the Pink Fairies - I know there was a Cov Twink but I didn't know he was a drummer. I will check my diary entries to see if their names are in there. I didn't know of the St. Ives gig but it would figure - we sat for hours listening to Bill playing while they practiced and never really got board!

Jim Pryal

[this is good] I remember the Cov Twink and his mate Mark. Cov Twink in them days looked like Jim Morisson- complete with buckskin fringed jacket. They were regular visitors to the Whitley village flat I shared. A nice bloke but yer wouldn't mess with him!

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

I remember Twink as you describe Jim although I didn't really know him very well - I remember him being around on the scene and I remember your Whitley flat - I passed it walking home from the city centre to Willenhall often at 3 in the morning at weekends after the umbrella or Lanch or something.I had cause to knock on your door on one ocassion to pass on a message - can't remember when or why but I remember you opening the door!

But was Twink a drummer and did he play with Asgard? I had no idea he was in anyway musical - but then I didn't know him that well!

Jim Pryal

[this is good] Trev. Cov Twink fancied himself as a drummer but to my knowledge never played a set of drums or played in any band at all, ever. I might be wrong. I hope I was civilised when I opened the door to you all them years past. Seems like last night!!

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Of course you were Jim - although you were in your dressing gown so I guess it must have been late! Can't remember if it was in the Wandering John period or later in the Hot Snacks period - maybe a message from Ollie.

Jim Pryal

[this is good] It was Wandering John days Trev.  Hot Snacks was 10 years later.

bob mansfield

[this is good]

Came across this by accident and have answers to some of your questions. Bill Walker was the musical genius behind Asgard (Greek mytholigy, land of the gods) unfortunately Bill had a fatal heart atack weeks after he married circa 1975/8 ish, as did their manager Paul Padum (Coventry lad, lived in Foleshill of Ukrain family) and knew Neol (Black Cat Bones) who actually never really played with Asgard as a member, more of a guest line up when he was into the Sitar. Terry Westwood was the drummer (very much on the Nick Mason vogue) and whom the band met on the road actually jamming with them one wet wednesday night at Mothers in Erdington. We gigged there on our own accord not long after the Victoria Park gig (At which we replaced the then relatively unknown Black sabbath) as we impressed John Peel and he invited us to perform at his regular Friday night radio slot live from Mothers. Just as an aside Paul (our manager) went to live with John Peel in his mews appartment in Upper Harley street whilst working for bands such as Roxy Music, Pink Floyd, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre and Chicargo Blus Band (as did Terry when the band (Asgard) split up) Paul died in Bahrain whilst working with Charles Asenevor circa 1980. Coming back to terry, he married had two boys and lives hapily in Kings Lyne. The last member was Richard McBride, bass player, singer and songwriter. Last heard of wending his way back to the Lake district where his family were after the break up of his marriage.

Who am i? Ex roadie and friend who has great memories of those days at the Umbrella club and many more clubs and venues of the 70s/80s and who will never forget Bills rendition of tecarter and fugue (The Nice version) as i walked down the aisle.


Bob, we probably knew each other all those years ago!  I played sax/ flute in Whistler and also did a couple of gigs with Asgard, one of which was in Cornwall (near St Ives) and the one in Victoria Park which I think was vaguely related to a Festival of Light type thing. What I remember about that gig was John Lennon wishing everyone all the best via a telephone call! I think Liverpool Scene also played. Bill, who was as you say a virtuoso performer, went out with my sister (Jill) round about the same period.  I also remember visiting a few of them (including Paul the manager) one summer when they had a house in Devon/ Cornwall. Hang on, I also remember a roadie (nice guy) who went out with - or maybe even married - a girl called (I think) Elaine. Was he a bus-driver at some point? This is going to get even more confusing as there now seem to be two Micks on this sight. If we do know each other, its been a long time!!!

bob mansfield

The one in Cornwall was a bit of a disaster as i remember, badly organised 'hippy type' gathering where no-one had a clue what was goin on and we got landed with a 'disabled guy' who was a bit of a nutter. We also did a bit of a mini tour down in Devon the same year, Terry had to lend his drum kit to Keef Hartley as there van got lost somewhere. That was Torquay town hall with Family and a few other bands i cant remember, we ended up playing 'Green Onions' in a working mens pub for a chip supper we were that hard up. The roadie you remember wasn't a roadie,he was in charge of the light show, named Adrian, married Elaine, had an affair with a school girl he met on his bus, got divorced, married the schoolgirl, had two kids, started wandering again, got divorced, got the sack and we havn't heard of him for a few years. Rumor has it he is still in Bideford somewhere? Anyhow, long time ago and i have work to do. PS i was the hard working roadie.


Absoloutely you were! I also remember the 'disabled guy' who seemed to assume that Asgard would do a set/ jam with him. On the Cornwall gig we all shared a caravan with him. And how could I forget Adrian? Or Elaine? Can I take it that you didn't move down to the West Country with them (but just kept going by the look of your address?) 

bob mansfield

No, we ALL moved to North Devon to 'Tialta' cottage (no gas, electric, running water or sanitation but hey did we care?) opposite Top Camp (Ex co-op holiday camp) on the hill in Westwood Ho where Terry met Janet whom he later married. Spent a beautifull summer lazing around whilst trying hard to get a job (spent two weeks in 'the toy works' and that was it) Bill worked for Dennis Diamond )local frozen food company) and used to come home with pockets full of peas and burgers, got raided by the local plod as they thought we were all drug dealers, worked a bit with a couple of local bands with Dave Easterlow (fellow roadie) who was living in Instow with a band from Leamington Spa (who had a guy named Digger who played guitar) and then when the lease was up on the cottage decided to head back to Coventry. Gill (new wife) had a job in Bideford but there was very little going on in rural Devon so we thought it best to head home. Richard married 'Gilly Willy' but got divorced within a couple of years, he also worked on the buses with Adrian but didn't get the sack.

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

We will have to do a Hobo tribute to Bill Walker and Asgard - Coventry's answer to Pink Floyd  -but with something of their own. I spent hours listening to them practice in the theatre of the Umbrella club back when before I can remember!

Never got bored with Bill's brilliant organ playing (think it was a Farfiza at that stage rather than a Hammond).

Send us any info on the band - if any one has any pics of the band or members - that would be cool - and if any one has any audio  - that would be brilliant - especially in light of the Gnome label's proposed Retro Cov podcast. Stories and memories too - if you need to get them to me by e mail or post - message me on this site and we'll sort it. My own archive of them is restricted to the above - so rally round and we'll get a good tribute on her to an excellent early Cov band.


Its all coming back now. John Westacott (bass player with Whistler and later Urge) and I went to the West Country one summer and called in at what must have been the above. Met up again with Nick Trevissick (former Whistler drummer) who had moved back to the West Country but who had been banned from the house by Paul manager! Zoot Money played some place there and I think Spirit of John Morgan had a residency someplace. I know Neol (Davies) and I went to the Blind Faith concert in Hyde Park and I'm sure I can remember getting there in Asgard's van, in which case you probably drove!

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

[this is good]
This is great - we are beginning to sketch this out a bit more. Someone mentioned Nick Trevisthick has a website and went on to better things - will have to google him - unless any one comes up with a url for him first! Kev Harrison has sent a link to Neol Davies's site - will do a post soon. Also I will start and marshal some of this new info into the main Asgard post - but some photos, flyers, band cards and audio would be excellent - search your lofts!
Thanks guys.

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Further info regarding Asgard Umbrella gigs -

ASGARD also played alongside the Birmingham Band Ghost at the Umbrella
Club In September 1970 (a Friday night). I remember going to the CBR
Music Agency in Queen Victoria Rd. with Al Docker who put on the bands
at the Umbrella before me. He booked them and Birmingham bands
Audience, Pantomime and Tea & Symphony via CBR - maybe others. CBR
HQ was just a few doors down from the Umbrella. I think it was a good night - well attended - I did the door at that stage.

Asgard also played alongside Trad B Jefferson and April at the Umbrella July 1970

I'll be updating the Umbrella posts soon from some research I did in the Cov Archives recently - with some more insights into its early life in the 50's -Little Park St. and during the sixties as well as the period around the early 70's which was when I and some of the people on here remember it. Asgard will feature in some of it.


Well we was only learning. The disabled guy was I think called Phil, played guitar a bit like Ry Cooder., Lesley will know, she lived with him for a few years, He owned a caravan site, lived in one of the vans cos of all the mad women in the farmhouse.  Him and Dave once did a wheelchair race off the quay at Penzance  as a fund raiser, and both ended up having to be saved fromthe water.  Him and Kevin (Al dockers mate in the Iis) were the first people to have computers (apricots ) in Cornwall He took uo computer programming, went to the states and made millions.
He was the treasurer  for gigs and stuff, and often came back from paying the artists,but still with the money,,,cos they had such a good time,,,we only found out the truth years later


There is no point askin me about those days. I think Pearl means Rick, who was sometimes called Phyllis. Especially when it got picky. Yes Lesley lived with him, but with his wife's blessing. Giggle. I thought the Asgard    gig was before the major exodus from Cov.
I met Rick at Exeter in 66, he was a chem major. There was a big theatrical cooperative thing at Exeter, Edwards was just one of the faces. At weekends and summer break many of the performers would head down to Ricks . Most would end up sleeping in the woods above St  Ives. I did a couple of Magic Theatre trips , met Hawkwind at one , another was to Mothers.
The Digger thing on Cornwall didnt start until late 71, before that it was just hippy trippy.
I was with Rick until 75 , when he missed getting caught up in Julie by a squeak. We divorced in 1980.
Wasn't one of the links with Asgard via Lesley.a relative of her foster parents or something like that. She has the same surname as the drummer
Who knows what has happened to Ollie's website.?

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Someone must have some photos of Asgard or its musicians and some audio - by Ollie do you mean Dr Mustard?

A and R

Theres chap called Bob somewhere who collected photos and info on everything that happenned in Cornwall.(except Julie)   I am not sure how early he was down there from , so maybe not for the Penzance and St IIves does. He definitely did the Polggooth fayres and then stayed with the crew through The Elephant Fayres  and Treworgey and was amongst those who were poached when Beavis went commercial with Glastonbury.
But he collected stuff from all kind of people. Dave might still hear from him , I think hes the chap that got the Legs and later just Malcolm all the work in the Comedy tent year after year
I keep waiting for him to show up on the Festivals site.

Colin Barnes

Stumbled across this blog. I am from Cov and saw Asgard somewhat bizarrely) at the Coventry police social club when they were on a 'Penny Tour' with Comus (fantastic!) and Demon Fuzz. It was 50p to get in I think so it must have been 1971. I also rememebr Twink; hanging round the Golden Cross, didn't know he purported to be a musician though!

Loads of other memories of bands

bob mansfield

Can anyone who knew ASGARD from the old days IE band members/friends. Whistler, Black Cat bones, Neol from Fisher Road or anyone else we knew please contact me at bob@bobmansfieldheating.co.uk as i have some rather sad news regarding Terry the drummer with Asgard.

richard kilbride

I was the bass player that no one can remember... Thankyou and it is Richard KILBRIDE not Mc...... It is so bizzarre to see all these names and places that had become more of a dream than a true memory and I am so glad that the band has

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