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Very interesting article Trev. 

Of course, if he was a blogger, nobody would really bother about his views.

I've often said the the 'rock' of today monopolised the 'disaffection resources' of the masses and directs it down elite-approved paths.  A 'cathartic valve', so to speak.  


[this is good] "So all those things are possible but I
haven' seen anything that's really going to shift on the whole the way that
music gets made and listened to. It's another possibility of communication but
it hasn't happened yet where we're now communicating different things.


Unfortunately, it would be quite true to say that the internet is causing a polarisation of cultures to a more powerful eurocentric, or more accurately americocentric point.  We have to consider who comes into the blogging world and the role they adopt once there.  Once the young come on to the internet as speakers instead of learners, they will began to set the trend for thought.  As the influence of the juvenile state of america outside and prior to the internet cannot be understated, these 'young 'uns' do not come on to the net without preconceived notions on what's 'hip' and 'trendy'.  The americocentric internet further exacerbates the perspectival deficiencies that are inherited from non-digital experiences.

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