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does the book contain the beatpreachers?

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Hi Angie, I can't find a mention of the Beat Preachers in Pete's index but he does mention them in his book Godiva Rocks. I will draw Pete Chamber's attention to this so he may reply himself.

There is however a good piece on them on the Broadgate Gnome Music directory Here which says -

circa 1963-66


Line up: Geoff Parson (guitar), Stuart
(bass), Graham Rolaston (drums), Forbes Merrigan
(lead guitar), Jackie McCormick (vocals).

Formed around 1964 in Rugby. R&B/Mod
outfit who supported The Who at the Matrix Hall in 1965. When they
played the Parkstone Club the ad proclaimed "see all you mods there
...". Were known as the Midlands Rolling Stones.

Released their lone single under the name

The Carribeans
(sic) in September 1965. The songwriter credits were 'Benn/Sherriff',
after two famous local dignitaries. Reviews at the time noted "..a
distinct West Indian sound..."

Added Saxophone
(Tony Britnell - later of Jigsaw)
in April 1966, but split up
two months later. Some members joined Pinkerton’s Assorted

Under Friars agency. Played The Walsgrave,
The Coventry Flying Club, Orchid Ballroom, Reynold Chains factory, The Heath. 

Single (as 'The Carribeans'):

A: Inside Out/B: ?? (Pye 7N
15961 - 1965)


I think the mention in Godiva Rock more or less mirrors the above with links to bands the members came from / went to.

Stuart Colemen apart from also being in Pinkerton's Assorted Colours, became a Radio One DJ and produced Shakin' Stevens..

If you or anybody else reading this has any more information, pictures, memories of seeing the Beat Preachers, please get in contact - I'll do a piece on them. i was still at school at the time so I don't have any personal archives on this band.

Hope that helps - Trevor.


i no this is a long shot but do you think i would be able to get the record for the beat preachers from somewhere?


Hi Guys Pete Chambers here, been trying to contact Stuart, got a phone number, but it could be out of date. No more info as yet.

A and R

Well thats answered a question about some  Matrix , band room pics . We were trying to figure out the support band.
You might get an mp3 from deano..I sit on one of his Youtubes? Or try Tony?
The Gnomesses have Beat Preacher stories/memories but are all away at the moment, theres probably a presscutting or two. (Connew or Anderson) I have an hazy one about them on the front of Midland Beat (Detheridge)


oh goo, would be great if you could get in contact with stuart. My dad was the lead singer of the band, jacky mccormick, and he would like a copy of the record if possible as his is cracked,


HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Hot news from Pete Chambers -
"Gemm Records are the best bet, just checked and they don't have it at
the mo, but I am certain I have seen it there. so keep checking.

I'm not sure if that's the one Pete means but it's the only one I could find on Google in a quick search.

If your dad wants to write something for us about the band, and or a few photos I'm be happy to post it on here. I think I was still at school when they were out so missed them unfortunately. Be nice to have the single on here (it's not downloadable on Vox but it would give people an idea of the band and their sound - if the track can be found.

Thanks for getting in touch Angie and Nikki (assuming you are linked in someway.



Hope you are still there? I am now in touch with Stuart Coleman. he has sent some great info on the band and a nice pic. I am doing a piece on the band in my newspaper column, be great to talk to your dad?



Pete Chambers


Hiya Pete,

Sorry for late response not been on here for a while. Great news about Stuart and the column. Have you done the column yet? would you still like to speak to my dad? Sure he would love to talk to you. If you have done the piece could you send me a copy.

Many Thanks


Geoff Parsons

[this is good]

The Beat Preachers

This is for Nicky who wrote to this site on 15th June 2008 on behalf

Geoff Parsons

The Beat Preachers

Nick, sorry - dont know what happened. I wrote a lot more than came up. Your dad Jacky, together with Stuart, Forbes, Grayham and myself made up the core of the Beat Preachers. It was a lot of fun and a great time to be in a band. If any of you guys see this I would love to hear from you

Geoff Parsons


Hi Geoff,

Its Elaine, Jacks eldest daughter.

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