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Hi again,

I new the band Gentle very well, I shared a house with Gordon Reaney the guitarist, and Steve Hallam the bass player. Their two roadies Kev Brownhill and Nig Wheeler also lived there. When they split up, the two roadies came and worked with/joined Pugma Ho, the band I was in. And when chris left Pugma Ho, Gordon joined. We all still keep in touch in one form or another, and all being well we will meet up at our 40th (!!!!!) birthday bash here in Derby. Some pictures are here,


The first one is taken at the Walsgrave in Cov..

Bye for now. :)

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Thanks for that Drumbo. Although I booked Gentle for the Umbrella club, I don't recall their names or any details about them, except that I enjoyed their music at the time. I therefore didn't know the link between Pugma Ho and Gentle, so that was interesting. Thanks for filling in some details and will have a look at the photos.


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