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HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Hobo got a message from Rex Brough

Hello Trev, that's such sad news. I remember Steve as a really nice guy and so talented. He gave every band he was in their unique sound - I got to know him more when he was a Pink Umbrella. Got me thinking - I wish there was a hall of fame/benevolent fund for cov musicians, so we can celebrate not only the Specials, but also people like Steve, Dill, maybe Ken Brownand loads of other characters. Liverpool has got the Merseycats charity, funded by reunion gigs - something like that. Maybe it's a dumb thing - I just wish there was a way to celebrate people like Steve

All the best from Rex

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

And from Sreve Kavanagh -

Very sad indeed, I knew who he was but never got to meet him unfortunately. It's always sad to hear about the passing of a fellow Cov musician.
His music and memory will live on.
R.I.P Steve Kavanagh


[this is good]

i heard the news from paul sampson.

i guess after being the drummer with the stereotypes mark2.

paul felt i should know.

to say i was gutted is an understatement. i had known steve was sick since christmas 07. i now live in brisbane australia and i bought my family back to cov for a holiday around that time.

i stupidly decided to take steve by suprise and turn up on his doorstep. he was just leaving the house when i got there and seemed extremely stressed.

at the time i thought he was being a bit rude . i found out later after returning to australia that michelle steve,s wife had had to rush him into hospital the next night.

no wonder he was stressed. i feel really guilty for thinking the wrong thing but i guess i wasn,t to know. steve had always gone out of his way to keep in touch with me before he got sick. i wish i had realized that at the time and delved deeper. instead of caryying on with my holiday and enjoying it.

if i had of known i think i would have gone out of my way to spend some time with steve. its an oppurtunity i will never have again and i deeply regret that.

steve was a very important part of my life for around 3 years during the early 80,s. steve and paul gave me the chance to take the step from being a mediocre musician to one that had some talent and i shall never forget that.

had things turned out slightly differently i,m sure we would have acheived chart success and all the kudos that goes with it. 

i feel that steve more than all of us deserved that as his presentation image wise was always original and quirky. plus along with being the only pop group i have known of to have a clarinetist.he always gave us an edge over other bands because he was different and original and made all of us sound different and original.

i will miss not being able to phone him for a bit of a chat to find out what he is up to . being in reluctant stereotypes is a time i have always cherished.we had something special going on there for a while.

goodbye steve.

i will miss you

colin heanes

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Colin Heans (Drummer with Reluctant Stereotypes and King) asks if anyone has a copy of Reluctant Stereotypes Grey Whistle Test performance 1981. Details are - 17th Jan 1981 with Ant Ants on the bill and Ann Nightingale as presenter.

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