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Richard Elms

Personally I've known Steve for about fifteen years and, whilst at The Colosseum, put him on both as a solo artist and in the bands Means to an End and Big Origami which featured Dave Sanders and Mick Moonbear. I know that Mick and Dave, along with Kieron, were there when he was found and so my heart goes out to them too as they were true friends to the end.

On thing some people may not be too aware about Steve is that he campaigned tirelessly against the dole office to secure the new deal for musicians for the over 25s and his efforts resulted in a change of policy, so in another life, maybe he should have been a lawyer.

Instead he was a musician, and a bloody good one at that, because music was his life and, more importantly to me, his passion to discover and share new music with others never diminished.

All the best mate wherever you are. You'll be missed.

Rich, Gunter, Ferris and Matt.

Dominic O'Callaghan (DOC)


I've had the honour of knowing some lovely people in my life. As any person who knew steve will tell, he was one of the good ones. Kind, generous, quietly funny, and an awesome guitarist.

He'll be sorely missed by his friends and family. I'm grateful i had the chance to get to know him, though all too briefly

later steve




I was shocked and saddened greatly by the news of Steve's passing.

Steve Ashwell

Yes, I too had the honour to know Dulla over a very long period, & concur with everything said above.

Hell of a bloke, & I'm only sorry that I've been so far out of the loop that I only heard about his shuffling off last week. 

Not seeing Dulla for ages is something I'll always regret, but at least I've enough of the music of MTAE & The Hungry I to bring him back whenver the muse takes me.. 

Steve xx


diane ni dhonnchadha

I still can't believe that Dulla is gone. The closest I ever had to a brother, we didn't always get along but I loved him like family. Too soon to say goodbye. You are the one I want to talk to about this but I cant 

Diane xxx

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