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This much I know: I was still at school and did not stay on to do A-levels. Put even more honestly, I would not have been allowed to stay on to do A-levels. It must have been about 1967-68 and a very particular period during which bands who had previously been doing soul-covers that got audiences dancing were crossing over into more experimental territory. One week you’d be there with 10 inch single vent, red socks, hush-puppies, Ben Sherman shirt from Kavanaugh Boutique and the next week you’d turn up with a bell round your neck. Well, you would if you were really brave… or stupid.

My most vivid memories are of Cream and Lee Dorsey. Much has been written about both acts since then, and according to a fairly recent book on Cream, gigs like the Leofric were being honoured more than anything else because they had already made significant waves elsewhere. Standing directly in front of the stage, I was transfixed by Ginger Baker. He was pale, gaunt and totally driven. I couldn’t comprehend how someone who looked as ill he did could play like he did. Clapton stood almost motionless, his gaze fixed on some distant horizon, his lips puckered and turned down slightly at the sides. I cannot remember what one of them wore, but they were not dressed like mods – schoolboy or real – and I could not quite comprehend how the other Leofric regulars were not similarly mesmerised.

It must have been the same year when Lee Dorsey played. Knowing what we do in hindsight, it seems that Dorsey was using a ‘pick-up’ band made up of British musicians, the Musicians Union at that time only allowing a one-for one exchange (i.e. You let an American tour the UK and we’ll let a Brit tour the USA). From where I stood – again right at the front – the band played perfectly, Dorsey had by then already had a hit with ‘Workin’ and he did this routine in which he sort of shadow-boxed. Being so close, he looked so tiny and skinny and more than anything I remember his skin being really, really pock-marked. He’d worked up a sweat within a couple of numbers and his suit, a two-tone silver/ grey affair was steaming.

I’m sure there will be others with sharper memories than myself who will remember others, but I also saw The Steam Packet, a soul/ r’n’b -type revue that included Rod Stewart, Long John Baldrey and maybe even Julie Driscoll. It is also said that Reg Dwight, the Steampacket’s keyboard player, took his future stage name from alto-sax player Elton Dean. Work it out!

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Ian (The Writers Cafe Reviewer on Teesside sent me some electronic stuff he he did - some with Dave Sherriff of Coventry's Stett Audio (their My Space is on this intro). Ian (or Rolf) as he is sometimes known sent this info via My Space on Stett Audio.

Hi Trevor,

Thx for the message. Stett Audio is actually 1 person, Dave
Sherriff. I have mentioned him coming from Coventry but probably as
half of Relevant POS with John McGregor. John is also on My Space
friends but this isnt a music my space. They were known for a short
while as Telemetry and the forces of confusion which I think is a GREAT
name. They played a few gigs round coventry but didnt make much of a
splash. Then Dave went to City Uni in London where I met him. In the
era of Synth Pop Duos they became one (a proper pop band), in between
whiles dave and I did stuff together some of which you have heard.

More details on the Relevant POS web site http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Birdland/3547/index.htm

I am known as Rolf there (a nickname I got at Uni following my gap year 6 months of which I spent in Oz)

Relevant POS still do the odd track together and Dave has always
done Solo work. His Stett audio stuff is a bit of a departure tho one
of the new tracks on his page remind me of a track we did together (he
did and I tried not to wreck lol).

Although they never got a deal I always felt that if they had been
unhindered by lack of ambition they could have done very well in the
pop biz. It was the first time I was in the presence of people I
believed had the talent to make it big.

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

And this came from Stett Audio via My Space complimenting Ian's message below.


I came across your Myspace page via Rolf (I mean Ian Laing) - mutual Myspace friend.

For some reason I hadn't noticed before you are a fellow Coventry
Kid (albeit ex-pat now). I didn't really get into music until the late
70s/early 80s. This was about the time of 2 Tone (my tenuous connection
was Jerry Dammers went to our school - but was much older than me so I
never knew him! My old Wasp synth was rumoured to have once belonged to
the Specials though!).

I was in an experimental music band back then with my mate John
McGregor - "in the style of" Cabaret Voltaire I suppose (but we hadn't
heard of them then - we were into early Pink Floyd etc). Our
contempories were the Human Cabbages, Pete Every's Idol Eyes and
Attrition (still going) - though we never seemed to manage to fit into
any sort of "scene".

Anyway, I really like your Myspace page - looks like you are doing some excellent stuff Up North with the Writer's Cafe.

Dave Sherriff.

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Cov Drummer Ted Duggan sent a message to me via My Space -

Hi Trev


Drops of Brandy ...theres a name from the past ... Not had very
good memories of that band ...

I looked at your pictures and saw Bob Jackson from Indian Summer .... I was in Bad Finger with Bob in the 80's

I also saw the Reluctant Stereo Types Picture ?

I rent my house off Sam McNulty ? and Steve Edgson Lives around the corner from me in Earlsdon

Keep in touch


HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

A Band Called George also messaged via My Space - Bob Young writes -

hobo site

love the site. somebody has been working hard.

Hope you had a happy christmas and we all wish you a prosperous new
year. A new 'A Band Called George Two' Album is almost finished and
will be unleashed on to the public probably in march. Keep up the good
work Trev........Best wishes Bob

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Had various communications via e mail from Modi Albrighton formerly of Pepperming Kreem and New City Sounds etc. He now lives in Germany but here are some of his thoughts on the Covnetry music Scene -

HI Trevor many thanks for your mail.my site has been dead for some time as i have
a recording studio in germany 
BUT i was thinking of starting my site up again .but i only want the old
days. Any info you can give me would be welcome
My site is working its on line but i have done nothing to it for a long
i realy need help and if i can help you i will i have also pics that have
never been seen of the peppermint kreem and many others
i realy hope you will contact me again thanks modie albrighton


i am now in september 65 years old and they were people older than me at
this time what it needs is a real book 
not one thats just stays on one band 
a book for all bands with storys of what happend at this time as you say
when its gone its gone 
i have been in germay since 1973 its my home now but i miss the old time
very much i am famous over here
but nothing can compare what happend in the 60 
talk to you later give me your phone number...

hey you do no i have a large recording studio modiw falcon-studios.de

would you like me to send you some new songs of the peppermint kreem
they are nothing like the old ones let me Know ok MODIE

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Early on in the site I got some e mails from Roger Albion -

Hi Trev

doubtless you wont remember me but nevertheless
here I am. I used to knock around Mick Quinn, Steve Quinn,  Pete Donegan, Liz
Royal Jackie Finch and a friend Sandra? etc. I seem to remember visiting people
in Avon Street I think, who I believe you knew. I may have walked in your
direction a couple of times when you were in Brinklow or Shilton as I lived in
Stoke. might even have given you a lift on motorbike & sidecar!   Any way
thanks for sight; brings back memories I never new I had,  Keep it up; I have a
huge chunk  to recover! Now I am sounding like an old Git! of the "I remember
when" variety.

Cheers Roger

Hi Trev
Not suprising really that you  don't remember, I
think, and now know, that you were more involved into  "The scene".behind the
scenes. I was one of the drunken sots that would turn up at events!
The Kids Show is a mobile Children's Play
organisation based in Hackney. rudimentary Web Site here www.albionkidsshow.org.uk. I worked
as a Playworker and now , for want of a better description, coordinater. Its interesting that you went to study in 1980 as I
did much the same thing. In Cov I did an apprenticeship at Morris, Courthouse
Green then moved to Southampton in 1974 I think and worked as Technician at the
University.Whilst imbibing the "scene" in
Southampton It was suggested that I could escape the scourge of engineering by
going  to University as mature student, without the need for A levels, so I
ended up going to Leeds 1981 to 1984; Politics & Philosophy and a fair
amount of Tetleys!
Sandra I remember lived next to Courtaulds off
Lockhurst Lane. Are you in touch with any of the people? Mutual aquantances
would be John Gravenor, He lived around the corner from  me; Jackie; Steve
Quinn; Jon Bradbury, and of course Byron and his Cohen Collection. I remember
Scon but never managed a conversation with him I do remember seeing him at The
Earlsdon Cottage tipping a pint of either beer or paint over the conga player, I
presume the group was Khayyam?

Cheers Roger Albion


The Cov Vox Vibe continues... check out



The old Depot Studios, now located in the Herbert Art Gallery are on the lookin to hear from old members recording and  tales

Jim Pryal

[this is good] Trev, I remember Modi in his band, although I don't remember meeting him but  Peppermint Kreem were well known in Coventry. I saw him play at the Memorial park. Have you got an e mail address for him?


I love this site - there are so many great video clips and interesting bits and pieces on here.

Pete Willow

I recently received this sad news from about Paul Brook - it was circulated by Gighouse Studios...

It is with great sadness that we inform you of Paul Brook's death on May
3rd 2007.

As a professional drummer, programmer /sequencer, composer and producer  Paul worked with Gighouse Studios on many projects since we started in 1991. Paul programmed on Coldcut's acclaimed 'Let us Play' album, which he recorded and mixed with us, receiving many writing credits for his contribution. Incidentally, it was voted 'best album of the decade' by DJ magazine in 1999. He also recorded and co-produced his very successful sample CD series, Chemical Beats and Brutal Beats with Andie, our Producer/engineer. He was a regular session player at the studio and a close friend.

Paul had fought a long and brave battle against cancer and his funeral was held at Oakley Wood Crematorium. It was a fitting tribute to Paul that over 200 people attended the ceremony with standing room only, a great final Gig!

Our thoughts are with Jenny, Paul's wife, and his family.

I hadn't seen Paul for years and had no idea he was ill, but knew him quite well in the early 70s when he and I both worked in the Expediting Department of GEC in Copsewood. He was developing his talents then as a great drummer (used to practice with his fingers on his desk all day!!!) and an inventive practical joker.

A few years later he worked with former Dando Shaft guitarist Kevin Dempsey and later-to-be Fairport fiddle-player Chris Leslie. Paul produced (and played percussion on) their superb 'Always With You' album.

Great guy. Great loss.


HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Thanks Pete - I did read it on Ted Duggan's My Space (will ring Ted soon) and do a tribute on this site. Paul Brooks was also drummer with Analog who were one of the regular bands on at the HOBO Workshop in 1974 (some of whose members were later in Reluctant Stereotypes. Any info on Paul's career would therefore be useful. Trev.

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

To all friends and fans; sad to say after a prolonged
illness at 3.48p.m. on Sunday 5th August, Ted Kay died peacefully at
home. I will pass on any messages to his wife Angie.

This message was on their MY SPACE bulletin. You can leave messages on their site HERE
I've asked Dave Cooper if he wants to write a tribute to put on this site.

Pete Willow

Sad news Dave. I heard from Rob Armstrong and have placed a few words in the Coventry Telegraph folk column for this Friday. I don't think I knew his wife but please pass on my condolences to her and to all Dando members.

Pete W


he died on Saturday 4th August not Sunday 5th August

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Thanks for the correction Ms. K. Appreciated.


Thanks for the kind words on TRAILER, nice to see the Coventry connections doing well and keep up the good work keeping Coventry on the musical map.

Emsar Management 


this is a very good looking site!!

A and R

If I can just make a correction here, as this has caused confusion before and is starting to  do so again.
The Retro Cov project is a series of podcasts;; we are NOT using the material in an album.

Material submirred will only be used in the podcast

paul kennelly

[this is good]

I was lead singer with Peppermint Kreem 1968 and the revived Peppermint Kreem of 1973. We played the Memorial Park with " just before dawn " another local band. It was at this gig that peppermint Kreem first performed the rock opera that I wrote " Revelation 2001 ". We did make a recording of this opera with Monty Bird at Bird Sounds studio but it was never released. However, in 1987

Shakey: Irelands answer to Rap music

i recently seen a comment u left on indieboys page about my song irish party, i just want to express my thanks for having a listen and the constructive comment. many thanks


peace and respect


HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Does anyone have material on "a CND concert in Coventry under the flyover near The  Swanswell  around 1981-84 many local bands played many thanks Chris" Had a request for it but I'd left Cov by then. If you have any info  / material - please get in contact. Trev 

Jim Ferris

[this is good]

Hello I was the original drummer with 70's Coventry Band "Joker" who had formerly been named "Dave and the Sun" when I first joined them.

Anybody have memories of the band(s)?

John Bargent (Bo)

[this is good]

Hi Roger, It was brown paint at that Kayyam gig at Earlsdon Cottage and I remember the guy said `your so cool`. Bo.


[das ist gut]

well i cannot beleave how time slips by and think of the old players that
are not with us any more And i think of our drummer tom ryan who used to play with us past away also It makes me think who is going next i played
with new city sounds a d frank also left us MODIE

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