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Dave Pepper

I'd forgotten I was 16 years old when we played the Holyhead Club? Is that what it was called? It was with my school band from Caludon Castle(Pheonix) We used to open for a rock trio, though I cant remember their name. The drummers mum would take us there! It was the first 'venue' Id ever played, and just using a 500 watt PA at that place started me in music. After a couple of bands between 17 and 19 years old around the Rugby area I then joined Bob Brollys'Calvary'! actual money but not my thing! Then an audition with Gay and Kev(Exerts) and I was happy! Great to read this trivia guys! All the best, Dave Pep. www.myspace.com/davepepperband  www.davenchuck.com

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