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Wayne Spencer

[this is good] Good review of the night Trev.

Wayne Spencer

I was at the plaque unveiling and launch night and enjoyed it all. And really enjoyed seeing The Primitives and Kristy Gallacher. I'm hoping to see both of them again. The exhibition is definitely worth going to, some great items on display. 

Glass Orange Magazine

Thanks Wayne. I must have seen you then but didn't know who you were. Was it you that did the video. I'm sure I've seen your name before - are you a muso?

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Sorry if I confused you with that reply - I was logged into another of my Vox sites - it should have come from Hobo and Trev -oops.

Wayne Spencer

Hi Trev. No problem. You may have seen my name on Pete Chamber's facebook. I didn't shoot the video, just posted links to the youtube stuff on Pete's page after the event so everyone could find them. I don't actually play, just a big music fan. I started going to Pete's plaque unveilings after joining his facebook page, and he was kind enough to give out invites for the Herbert event so I went along and thought it was great. I've been really impressed by the plaque events and all of the Two Tone at 30 things that have been done this year, and as I'm in Leicester its pretty easy for me to go along and enjoy them. I do intend to take some video and pics at the next plaque events and I'll post them online and put links on Pete's facebook page. 

HOBO - Coventry Music Magazine

Cool - I'll look out for them Wayne T.

Wayne Spencer

Oh, and I should have said. I'm on the left in this pic on facebook, chatting to Horace Panter at the Herbert. Well, the pic only shows the back of me but you get the idea. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=2208440&id=544527613

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